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Injection Molding Machine PSJ-350

Injection Molding Machine PSJ-350

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: PLASTAR
Model Number: PSJ-350
Certification: CE

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Delivery Time: 30DAYS
Payment Terms: T/T OR L/C
Supply Ability: 1000

 Injection Molding Machine PSJ-350 factory

Large Image:Injection Molding Machine PSJ-350

Energy saving: high optimistic servo energy saving technology, higher efficiency and lower energy consumption. 

Precise: high optimistic, mechanical structure with high performance controller, greatly increase machine service life and precise. 

High Efficiency: high optimistic claming unit, high speed mold close and mold open more smoothly, greatly shorten cycle time, 


Safety: comply with the latest national safety standard, more safety and stability. 


Stability: dual cylinder injection, perform stability and reliability. 


  • Clamping Unit: Arrange obliquely five-point and elbow type structure. Optimization design on parameter of the computer. Finite-element analysis is applied to design the plates. The unit also functions of low pressure mold protection with extra sensitivity. Machinery, electric pair of safe protection function to insure the safety;
  • Oil motor drive the gear to adjusts mold, the moving ahead simultaneously is good and can adjusting the mold automatically according to the pressure set up, very convenient and reliable;
  • Computer Controlled: According imported computer which special for injection machine. The function is powerful and controlled by CPU, improve the speed in control system and the alarm on over-temperature. Improve the working speed of machine;
  • Injection Unit: Double guiding rod supporting. Dual-cylinder balance injection system, Single-Cylinder push and draw back setting. Multi-stage pressure & speed injection. One –string hydraulic motor setting. Super quality steel screw stem mixed with chrome, molybdenum and aluminum and barrel disposed by nitrogen. Suitable for every kinds of plastic raw material;
  • Hydraulic Unit: Adopt imported advance hydraulic components;
  • Storing type on automatic lubricating system of oil;
  • With quick response and steady capability, servo gearshift dynamical control system has equipped with pressure feedback device with high precision and sensitivity, which forms a close –loop precision control and provide products with high stability;
  • Servo energy saving injection molding machine to achieve the maximum output, in comparison with conventional hydraulic injection molding machines, their response speed have been obviously quickened and cycle time effectively shortened, improving production efficiency;
  • There is no extra energy consumption due to output volume changes according to load alteration. The phase of holding pressure, servo motor lowers rotate speed and consumes a little of energies. In the phase of cooling, motor doesn’t work and consumes no energy. According to different products, servo energy –saving injection molding machines will save 20% -80% energy and bring your prominent economic benefit.
Device Item      Model
Injection Screw diameter mm 65 70 75
Screw L/D ratio L/D 23.1 21.4 20
Theoretical shot volume cm3 1062 1232 1414
Injection weight(PS) g 948 1099 1262
Injection pressure MPa 200 172 150
Injection rate(PS) g/s 207 364 412
Plastizing capacity(PS) g/s 41 55 61
Screw speed range r/min 0~156
Making-up Clamping force kn 3500
Clearance between tie bars mm 660×660
Opening stroke mm 660
Max mould height mm 720
Min mould height mm 300
Other Ejector force kn 70
Ejector stroke mm 180
Pump power kw 30
Heating power kw 19.95
Oil tank capacity l 750
Machine weight t 14
Machine dimension m 7.3×1.75×2.25

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